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How can you as an employer take care of the employees’ work-life balance?
How to entertain kids when busy parents have to stay overtime?
What can you offer your employees’ children during corporate and occasional events?

Animation and childcare in company

Does it happen that your employees sometimes have to stay overtime or work during the weekend? For companies that employ parents, we offer hourly, several-hour or all-day professional childcare. We organize attractions at the company’s headquarters or we offer transport for children to our play center. We also provide creative workshops and other activities for children during fairs, important conferences and meetings during which parents have to work and cannot take care of their children.

Tematic events

Christmas season or Children’s Day are a great opportunity to strengthen family ties. If you want to take care of your employees, why won’t you organize a family event in your company? We coordinate events that are dedicated to children only as well as we set up mini play centers for kids during larger events with parents. We organize Christmas and Easter parties, carnival balls, Mardi Gras, corporate events, picnics, open-air events and many more. On request we are able to propose any educational or entertainment program. We offer magician’s performance, experiment show, play center activities, creating animals from balloons, juggler performance, face painting, making huge soap bubbles, creating Christmas decorations and much more. Our speciality are workshops with experts in various disciplines such as first aid, chess, financial intelligence, diplomatic protocol, public performance, experiments or dance.

Special activities and workshop for employees children

Outstanding specialists and great enthusiasts conduct thematic activities for children. You can read more about our experts by clicking the button below.