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Every case is considered on an individual basis. In such a case we try to guarantee participation in another camp or give the payment back, deducting the advance amount.

Your child will be on a standby list. When there is a place for your child, we will inform you about it.

You can do it via our form on our website – Enrolment. If we do not contact you within 48 hours, please, call us – 570 666 563.

On the first day you get a card with a telephone number of the main counselor. Please, call only in urgent situations. If you have any additional questions concerning enrolment, payment, schedule, etc, please call us – 570 113 230 or write to us – zapisy@malygeniusz.pl

Yes, certainly – all customers with loyalty cards get 5% discount.

All customers with loyalty cards get 5% discount. Additionally, you can get additional discount on enrolment of siblings or participation in a bigger number of camps.

In case of resignation during holiday you will get a proportional amount of payment back, excluding the advance amount. The advance amount constitutes 50% of the whole payment for a course / camp.


January, 14-25  Kraków and Poznań
January 28- February 8  Warszawa and Wrocław
February, 11-21 Gdańsk and Łódź

They will be located in centres of Poznań, Łódź, Kraków, Lublin, Gdańsk, Wrocław and in Warsaw in the following districts: Centrum, Mokotów and Wola.

Because of the schedule, we ask you to collect children earliest at 4:45. We want to avoid situations, in which parents have to wait outside class rooms as children are absorbed in lessons and don’t want to go out.

For safety reasons we ask you to give us such information in writing the day before or in the morning when bringing the child. The child can be collected only upon presentation of ID with a photograph.

Please, take shoes for change and clothes if there is such a need. We provide drinks, food and all necessary stationery.

The main counselor has a mobile phone, which the child can use if necessary. You can also call the main counselor. We ask you not to give mobile phones as we want to make play centre „analogical” – our mission is to show the world, in which you can play with board games, read books and draw on a sheet of paper – not on a screen. Using smartphones or tablets will distract children’s attention. We don’t take responsibility for damages and lose of a device.


Activities are dedicated for children aged 6 to 10 years old.

Every day we conduct following activities: English, sport, dance an music lessons. What is more, children will learn analogical games and memory strategies. Every day a Mysterious Magical Guest will appear, who will teach children diplomatic protocol, image building, creation of stenography, sign language and many more. Children have also a chance to play under the watchful eye of experts.

Activities are always conducted by teachers with qualifications, who passed three levels of recruitment. During lessons children are always under the care of two teachers. Lessons can be conducted also by various specialists – our Experts, then children are under care of three people.

Groups consists of 15 – 30 children, depending on location and class rooms.

On the very first day of a camp you will get a schedule. We always do our best to make it various and interesting. There are always artistic, sport, linguistic, humanistic and scientific activities. Because of a big number of teachers and their many professional activities, we cannot present the schedule in well advance.

More than 8 thousand children have already attended our activities.

Please, give your child a cap, which will protect them from sunlight. When it’s hot outside, we go out only when sunlight is not intensive, or conduct activities at a gym. On your request, we can spread protective cream on your child’s skin, if you provide us with it. Because of allergies and parents’ various preferences, we do not use our cream.

We organize camps for children aged 6-10. All children are in the same group, therefore, they have a chance to function in diversified environment. At school children learn contents in accordance with their psychophysical development – reading, writing or multiplication, division in case of older children. Activities at our camp are dedicated to all age groups and shall inspire children. According to Montessori education older people learn responsibility and take care of other younger children, while smaller ones learn through observation of their older friends, how they deal with problems. They can spend time with people of different age. We always do our best to make groups of more than 15 children, tank to which a child has a better chance to find a friend.

Our lessons shall inspire a child to discover the subject themselves. Of course they will not know the influence of monetary policy in oligopoly or what Cobb-Douglas function is, but they will learn that parents have to work in order to earn money, and then they can buy something to their children. We teach about the influence of advertisements, why it is worth to save money, etc. Lessons are interactive and children can learn through play. We also conduct lessons of different fields, which seem not to be dedicated for children: law, public performance, medicine, etc. We receive positive opinions of parents, whose children attended our lessons.

Sport activities are conducted outside, both in winter and summer. Therefore, we ask you to prepare shoes for change and clothes suitable for temperature.

Każdy turnus zgłaszany jest do Kuratorium Oświaty, przez co mają Państwo gwarancję, że wszystkie należne procedury bezpieczeństwa będą kontrolowane przez właściwy urząd.


Certainly. Please, provide us with all necessary information. On your request we will prepare a special MENU without allergens.

We provide full catering – second breakfast, lunch and afternoon meal. Because of different tastes, we let children choose one lunch set from two. Before the beginning of the camp we ask you to inform us about your child’s food preferences. We provide hot and cold drinks, and snacks.